Just Say Love

Written by Michael Gamilla, ImageOut: Rochester, NY LGBT Films and Video Festival

By April 24, 2020September 23rd, 2022No Comments

Just Say Love, selected for its audacity in portraying a complex love story in a most deceptively simple way, shows the gentler side of our ImageOut There! Series. Shot in a dark soundstage with strategically well-placed lightings and the barest minimum of props (a door frame, a hanging window sill, or a lamp post), the approach strips away any distractions from the graceful movements, the soulful eyes, and the well-delivered dialogue of the two captivating actors.

Writer David J. Mauriello, adapting his stage play for the screen, and director Bill Humphreys have crafted an elegantly pure, genuinely moving, and devastatingly honest depiction of love and desire between two men, and a relationship that defies definition. Easily the most tender film in this year’s lineup, Just Say Love will delight the hopelessly romantic and perhaps even soften some cynical hearts.