A funny, irreverant, soulful, humanistic look at relationships.

Dan Mathews, Senior VP of Campaigns – PETA

Just Say Love is a stunning departure from the average stage-to-screen film. With simple sets on a dark sound-stage and just two actors, director Bill Humphreys and team have created a strikingly elegant, moving and satisfying film.

Amos Lassen

Jaeger and Mammana are ideal in their delivery, and their eyes reveal their love and/or lust for one another, in this remarkable story of how life has a quirky way of showing us just exactly who we are.

Joseph R. Saporito, MundoQ

The film’s real strength, though, is the palpable chemistry between Jaeger and Mammana, which smoothly and convincingly oscillates from lust to frustration to a love that throws both men off their game.

Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

This film succeeds… in a big way!

Jed Ryan, PM Entertainment Magazine

Jaeger and Mammana couldn’t be better as they reveal that these two men, who move way beyond their stereotypical first impressions, affect each other in ways neither could have anticipated.

Kevin Thomas, LA Times

A love story that delves beneath the veneer of everyday life and romance to examine the unseen ‘matrix’ of life.

Invictus Pilgrim