What is StageWright Films?

At the corner of Hollywood and Broadway in Seacoast New England

StageWright Films is truly a unique production company whose goal is to meld the worlds of theater and cinema, bringing wider exposure to independent playwrights of the American Stage and preserving this work for future generations to access and enjoy.

Utilizing the best of both worlds, theater when it comes to the playwright’s words and the actor’s performance and film in the visual capture techniques and wider distribution of the content.

StageWright Films has access to production facilities as well as professional talent both in front and behind the camera.

Importantly StageWright Films contribution to diversity with a vision to create a “series” of play-to-screen adaptions providing a cinematic platform not considered since the classic 50’s “Playhouse 90”, the 70’s “American Film Theater” and the 80’s “Hallmark Hall of Fame”.

StageWright Films harnesses the creative spirit of the Seacoast area talent as a showcase to the world.

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Coming from StageWright Films

A Passage of Time

StageWrigth Films - A Passage of Time Poster

This unique production company will be releasing their new film, “A Passage of Time”.

The story is filled with love, life, humor, and the ever-recognizable squabbles inherent in any family as they adjust to the process of growing older and letting go.

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Also from StageWright Films

The Highly Praised, Just Say Love

As a nationally recognized film critic, teacher, writer, and editor Amos Lassen wrote about StageWright Films’ first feature film, “Just Say Love, “…a stunning departure from the average stage-to-screen film.”

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Co-Founders of StageWright Films

Bill Humphreys

David J. Mauriello

Four-time Emmy winner, Director/Actor/Producer Bill Humphreys whose background in film and theater, makes him the perfect captain of StageWright’s ship maintaining a standard of high production value and respecting the playwrights’ words and the actor’s performance.

As Mr. Humphreys says, “…to pay tribute to the art and craft of performance/acting… and to respect the intellect of the audience.”

The other Co-founder is Maine’s eminent award-winning playwright, David J. Mauriello who is also the Executive Producer of StageWright Films.  David provides his wisdom, and creative spark to give StageWright Films a solid foundation in artistic quality.

It’s a video all actors can appreciate!

Director Bill Humphreys poses three questions to the cast of  A Passage of Time about their experience working on a project which adapted a play to the big screen.  The questions take into account; the art of theater, comparison of theater on stage and theater on film and the Mission of StageWright Films.