With the vast storehouse of well written stage plays

that, for many reasons, will never be seen by an audience, Stagewright offers an endless opportunity for the creation of high-value content.

At the corner of Hollywood and Broadway in Seacoast New England

StageWright Films is dedicated to preserving the work of playwrights for future generations.  SWF captures the literature of the stage, through the lens of the camera, blending these visual mediums together and creating a cinematic experience fully rooted in the technique of live theatre.


New Production Highlights

Not On This Night

StageWright Films’ new project exemplifies the companies versatility in form and style.

Director Bill Humphreys latest piece is a  touching and unique story based on an actual event that captures the unexpected humanity during wartime, “Not On This Night” based on the play by the late Evelyn L.Y. Jones.

A Passage of Time

A Passage Of Time tells the story of Joey and Mike whose dream is to create a Bed and Breakfast along the coast of Maine. Their dream is interrupted by the needs of family, social pressures, and coming to terms with their relationship. The story is filled with love, life, humor, and the ever-recognizable squabbles inherent in any family as they adjust to the process of growing older and letting go.

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StageWrigth Films - A Passage of Time Poster

It’s a video all actors can appreciate!

Director Bill Humphreys poses three questions to the cast of  A Passage of Time about their experience working on a project which adapted a play to the big screen.  The questions take into account; the art of theater, comparison of theater on stage and theater on film and the Mission of StageWright Films.