The Seductiveness of Platonic Love

Is “spiritual’ love the hottest love of all?

Literature and legend are replete with tales of the alchemist attempting to discover the formula that will turn base metal into gold. And many of us remember the story of Ponce de Leon and his quest for the fountain of youth.

“AS I SEE IT” our Stagewright Films’ premier production JUST SAY LOVE exposes both tales as metaphors for the truth that we are both “golden” and “ageless” , not in body but in spirit.

And this should be great news because even the most beautiful of bodies have their bad hair days and grow old while our spiritual selves enjoy endless good health, beauty and
sexual vigor.

Before you say “aw shucks” to the connotation of dry, pedantic philosophical wisdom and whimsy that the word “spiritual” might elicit, take heart. JUST SAY LOVE is a lusty yet sublime story of love and the law of attraction that portrays “spirit” as a muscle, real and practical as our biceps, pecs, heart, you name it and yes our sexual organs.

It’s common sense that all muscles need exercising and we have no problem in seeing when the afore mentioned body parts are calling for a workout. Problem is that we forget to exercise our spiritual muscle because we can’t see it; we have to experience it.

JUST SAY LOVE tells us exactly how to do that in this parable-like story of
Guy, (Matthew Jaeger) a student of Plato and Doug (Robert Mammana) a hunky construction worker who is looking for more than a stroll in the park to blow off some steam. From their first fiery encounter that would make one believe that their relationship can never move beyond physical addiction alone, to the sublime “you’d be my wings if I had them” the film becomes a how- to manual for finding joy and fulfillment and challenges us to consider that helping each other to grow spiritually is the paramount ingredient in and the real paradigm for personal relationships.

David J Mauriello
September 30, 2010

“See The Movie, Say The Mantra” – Experience the Infinite/Just Say Love