Just Say Love – Matthew Jaeger

October 21, 2012 in Slideshow

Matthew JaegerMatthew was raised in Delafield, Wisconsin, a small town about thirty miles west of Milwaukee. His first real audition experience came when two friends shoved him in a room with the high school choir director and barricaded the door until he had agreed to audition. He moved on to study acting at Marquette University, working his first professional film job at the age of 19, a supporting role in the Movie of the Week “The Elevator.” After graduation Matthew moved to LA, where he continues to work in film and television.

Matthew Jaeger plays Guy in Just Say Love

Guy is the type of guy that has a clear-cut knowledge of who he is. His curiosity, his ability to express himself through philosophy and art, his sexuality and his desire for that which will make a healthy and supportive relationship. His concern is finding that soul mate in the midst of one-night stands.

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Just Say Love – The Movie

October 11, 2012 in Slideshow

Just Say LoveJust Say Love is the story of bringing love from its base essence of lust to a fulfilling and everlasting relationship.  It’s a how-to manual about successfully achieving everlasting love.

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Now Available  from Stagewright Films:

JUST SAY LOVE “the director’s cut,” including commentary by the writer and director

“MAKING LOVE,” a behind the scenes look of how the movie was made

THE JUST SAY LOVE Companion, a pictorial essay on love and the law of attraction.